Gujarati Movies & Channels

Millions of customers are switching to IPTVs because of the immense benefits they offer over cable TVs. For starters, you get access to content from all over the world at a single location. MaxxTV is an IPTV box that makes it easier for you to watch Indian channels while sitting in Australia. So, you can catch up on all-time classic Gujarati movies on Gujarati channels from the comfort of your home in Australia.

And there’s more! Have a look at the features MaxxTV has on offer:

  • Access to YouTube

MaxxTV gives you access to thousands of videos on YouTube. Whether you have kids to entertain or want to learn a new recipe, countless videos can add value to your daily dose of entertainment consumption.

  • Uninterrupted Viewing

MaxxTV offers uninterrupted viewing backed by powerful servers and a wide IPTV network delivery system. Unlike a cable TV set-up, it does not lag, buffer or get interruptions due to bad weather. Moreover, MaxxTV offers high-definition viewing with 1080 resolution images to take your viewing experience to the next level.

  • Catch Up

Missed a scene of your favourite Gujarati movie? No stress. MaxxTV lets you rewind, pause or fast-forward your video content and watch at your pace, unlike a traditional cable TV set-up.  

  • Access to 2000+ Channels

MaxxTV, with its reliable hardware, gives you access to over 2000 channels from different corners of the world. This covers local channels and international channels including Gujarati channels to view all-time classic Gujarati movies, TV shows and more.

  • Live Sports Channels

Are you a sports aficionado? MaxxTV gets you access to all the live sports broadcasts, programs and other such events. From NBA and NFL matches to Premier League and a lot more, you can catch the hottest games when they air without having to wait for it to come on cable.