Punjabi Movies & Channels

Premium IPTV Service with 2000+ channels including Punjabi channels and other Indian channels

We are the leading IPTV service providers in Australia, offering a reliable content streaming service through our MaxxTV set-top box. MaxxTV box is a powerful piece of hardware designed for excellence. It offers a platform for you to watch all your favourite TV shows, movies and other entertainment content at the comfort of your home. Get access to programs from around the world, including Gujarati channels, Punjabi channels and Punjabi movies, along with other regional content.

Have a look at the features we offer:

  • High-Definition Viewing

We are proud to be one of the first IPTV service providers in Australia to offer 4k set-top boxes with advanced hardware. Our comprehensive network delivery system ensures we can get you access to your favourite channels from the nearest cloud point to your location. With HD-quality images, the viewing experience can become more fun.

  • Best TV Shows and Movies

If you’re a movie buff, you will love what’s on offer with a MaxxTV box subscription. Be it local content or international channels from around the globe, enjoy the variety of streaming options. With a MaxxTV, you can watch Indian channels, including regional Punjabi channels to catch up on your favourite shows while sitting in Australia.

  • Wi-Fi Enabled

MaxxTV is wi-fi enabled so you can stream the hottest content in all corners of your home. There is no hassle of too many cables, so your living room stays clutter-free. Overall, you get a high-performance IPTV service without getting tied to a fixed schedule or fixed TV spot.

  • Videos on Demand

We regularly update our on-demand service to bring to you all the latest on-demand videos from movies, sports events, TV shows and more. By using MaxxTV, you will never run out of content to watch. 

  • Access to YouTube

MaxxTV offers you access to thousands of videos on YouTube. Our set-top boxes come with 10x faster processor which means you can watch the videos uninterrupted without buffering.