The market share of IPTV is estimated to surpass the $100 billion revenue mark by the end of 2025. This data itself is proof that IPTV is the new preferred way of consuming digital content. IPTV offers various advantages over conventional satellite or cable TV. In satellite TV, the broadcasters send out the same signal to every household, and this is one-way communication, but with IPTV, it is two-way communication in which the consumers can demand content in real-time. Our IPTV setup box is similar to the Real TV box, allowing you to watch live content in High Definition (HD). Maxx TV makes it easier to enjoy the latest TV Shows, Movies, Serials and many more activities to do without any hindrance.

 Classification of IPTV





With conventional cable TV, you have to buy a setup box, run a new cable from the cable provider to your home. But with IPTV, you don't have to do anything. It runs through your normal broadband connection. It has some other benefits that are discussed below:




Final Words

With so many advantages, it is quite obvious why IPTV is becoming such a popular way of consuming on-demand content. IPTV is quite user-friendly, offers many benefits to users compared to old-school Cable TV.